Thank you so much for your incredible work bringing Demi to life.

To come in so last minute and create such a beautiful performance is amazing.

It's been a plasure working with you. 

Lauren King - Producer

"...And I thought that Shaila Alvarez played Helen's desperate situation with moving depth. Thought provoking. This performance had touches of brilliance"

          Michael Hides - Critic

Lauren King


Omar Aysha,
Actor and Writer

"Shaila is an actress super chill to work with, and dedicated to her art"

Omar Aysha

Writer and Actor


"A delight to work with  an intelligent and very talented actress. Also happens to be a lovely person too!"

Diane Robinson

Director and Actor

Simon Jenner  Critic

Shaila Alvarez' Matilde is both personally and phisically expressive able to render something aching in a single glance, flecked to laughter

"Shaila is
a versatile and
talented actress,
a lovely person
and an absolute
pleasure to work

Paul Stephen Spratt

Shaila played the character of Jadey brilliantly and just how I wrote it and imagined her. It was a pleasure working with her. 

    Director, Writer and Actor

    Shaila is an outstanding actress who has depth and skill. She also has a very professional attitude and it is a plesure to work with. Her ability to play action roles is outstanding with her fitness levels. She truly is humble and deserves every role she books.

    Acting Agent

    Elaine Eaglestone