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Reading is Sharing and Caring

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Once upon a time in the Animal Farm by George Orwell. A masterpiece, easy reading, full of subliminal messages. Ignorance is bless and Orwell knows have to use it. Comparing the regime of Stalin to the life in a farm, George Orwell kept me stuck to the book for 5 days. A must read for all ages with a very strong opinion and message.#loveblogging #dreambig #writersUK
Once upon a time The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. A magical book that will teletransport you to India. You will see their colourful clothes, smell their waters ,hear their noisy traffic and taste their natural spices. This novel is written so beautifully than it seems a whole poem in itself.

There's no time to lose

I heard her say

Cash your dreams before

They slip away

Lose your dreams and you

Will lose your mind

Once upon a time The Secret Life of the Bees by Sue Monk. Sad, scary, uncomfortable to read, too easy to imagine and at the same time it is funny, innocent, cute and magical.
  • " People who think dying is the worst thing don´t know a thing about life"

  • "He'd gone to church for 40 years and was only getting worse. This should tell God something"

  • "I was the only one who knew that despite her sharp ways, her heart was more tender than a flower skin"

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