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Movement and expression for actors

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Why Ballet?

I strongly believe Ballet can help actors to improve their posture which is a fundamental part of their work, I also work my muscle memory learning new routines and last but not least I gain flexibility.

Where? At Pinapple studios with Ally Turner. Fantastic teacher, beautiful music, challenging exercises and constant feedback.

Why Tango?

For me Tango is the acting dance. There is no other dance that requires to be more in the present moment than this one. Also its very personal and magical. I see it like when you seat in front of another actor and suddenly you can see through their eyes, their fears, their doubts, their love. You connect with each other and it does not matter what you are saying because you are together, he will help you and guide you and you just need to let them in.

Why Salsa?

Salsa is about tradition, culture, revolution, love, connection and breaking the rules. I have been doing Meisner Technique lessons with Sky at The Unseen and she says

"Don't be English in your acting, let things affect you, react at them, drop your barriers and feel" Let's be actors of the world.

Why Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is powerful!!! I believe the most important thing for an actor is concentration and focus, hot yoga is 90 min of that. Silent for 90 min active listening (reacting) to the instructions (the script) of a teacher (the director) for 90 min, working on your body awareness (the actor's instrument) and telling your monkey brain to shut up when we think we are not flexible enough or strong enough or even good enough (actor's fears and doubts)

Why Beach Volleyball?

If Tango is the dance of acting, without doubt beach volleyball is the sport of acting. You do not act alone, you need your partner, it is a team work. It is not about being the best player but the best partner to get the best out of them through constant communication. And this links to non verbal communication without doubt the third player on court. Energy positive and negative is on the air. Practice makes perfect, hard work and dedication plus aware repetition. Every single time you touch a ball you give feedback to yourself about the execution of the movement and the reasons for the upcoming result as similar as when you watch a film every reaction has a cause, a reason why. Breathing a hidden gem in both acting and beach volleyball something everyone underestimates or even they are not aware of. Before any contact with the ball there is an inhalation and during the contact and exhalation... breathing tells as how the character is feeling or how every line affects them. Don't forget to breathe! ...I could talk for hours on this... lets stop and breathe ;)

Dream: Archery... coming soon.

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